What is the incubation period for quail eggs?

If you’re interested in raising quail, one of the essential things you’ll need to know is the incubation period for quail eggs. The incubation period refers to the amount of time it takes for a quail egg to hatch after it has been placed in an incubator or under a broody hen. In this article, we will explore the incubation period for quail eggs and everything you need to know to successfully hatch quail eggs.

Incubation Period

The incubation period for quail eggs is between 16 to 18 days. During this time, the eggs must be kept at a constant temperature and humidity level to ensure successful hatching. The incubation period may vary slightly depending on the breed of quail, with some breeds taking slightly longer to hatch.

How to Incubate Quail Eggs

To incubate quail eggs, you will need an incubator or a broody hen. If you’re using an incubator, set the temperature to around 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level to around 50%. Place the quail eggs in the incubator with the pointed end facing down, and turn the eggs at least three times a day to prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell.

If you’re using a broody hen, you’ll need to ensure that the hen stays on the eggs for the entire incubation period. You can mark the eggs with a pencil to ensure that you know which eggs have been laid and when to expect them to hatch.

What to Expect During the Incubation Period?

During the incubation period, you may notice some changes in the quail eggs. Around day 7, the eggs will begin to develop a small dark spot, which is the embryo. As the incubation period progresses, the embryo will become more visible, and you may be able to see it moving inside the egg.

Around day 14, the embryo will begin to fill the entire egg, and you may be able to hear it peeping from inside the egg. At this stage, it’s essential to stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity level to around 65% to help the chicks hatch successfully.

Whether you’re using an incubator or a broody hen, it’s essential to monitor the quail eggs throughout the incubation period and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a successful hatch. With the right care and attention, you can hatch your own quail chicks and enjoy the rewards of raising these fascinating birds.


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